True Blood: Red Rejuvenating Smoothie

A review of Red Rejuvenating Smoothie from the True Blood Cookbook.

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Red Rejuvenating Smoothie by Maryann Forrester

MaryanForresterTBNormally my husband makes me breakfast every morning (I know, he’s amazing), but this morning I surprised him with the Red Rejuvenating Smoothie, instead.  And he will not stop raving about it!

This one is from the “Maenad Feast” section of the cookbook, which includes four breakfast-like recipes.  You may recall Maryann making a hearty breakfast for Tara on their first morning together.  I’ll be making the ginger-raspberry muffins from this section sometime this month as well!

Our smoothie turned out a little bit too thick when we followed the directions exactly, but that’s easily fixed by adding more milk or not freezing all of the strawberries.


But I agree with the husband – it’s really, really good.

His first reaction to trying it was “oh my god, keeper.”  And then about an hour later I got a text at work: “That smoothie this morning was outstanding.  I feel amazing right now!  Definitely a keeper.”

And you know what?  I felt amazing too.  Probably that protein powder in there.  Or maybe we don’t have enough fruit in our diet.  Who knows?  But I agree – definitely a keeper.

Taste: 10/10

The smoothie tasted amazing.  It had a winning combination of strawberries, mango, pomegranate juice, milk and vanilla protein powder.  Not only that, but both my husband and I felt great afterward!

Difficulty: Easy

It’s a smoothie, so there’s really nothing too challenging about it.  You throw everything into the blender and then pour into glasses.  The most challenging part for me was cutting up the mango.  To be honest I’d never cut up a mango before in my life, and I had to google “how to cut up mango.”  Embarrassing, but true.

Cost: Cheap/Average20180118_080431

Vanilla protein powder is the most expensive ingredient here, but mostly because it comes in a large container and not in 1/4 cup sizes that you need for this recipe.  If you would use the protein powder again, then overall this is pretty cheap to make.


Our drink came out too thick when we followed the direction exactly, so I would be ready to add more milk if necessary to reach your desired consistency.

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