True Blood: Holy Hoecakes

A review of Holy Hoecakes from the True Blood Cookbook.

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Holy Hoecakes by Lettie Mae Daniels

Hoecakes are one of the recipes in this cookbook that I remember specifically from the show.

TB screenshot tara hoecakes 2

Lettie Mae: “Check the kitchen.  I made hoecakes.”

Tara: Are you serious?  I haven’t had hoecakes since – “

Lettie Mae: Since your grandmama was alive?  I always could make ’em, just never did.  The demon never let me.”

Tara: “Mm, you made these with bacon grease!”

Lettie Mae: It’s the only way!

So to start off our weekend, I made hoecakes in bacon grease!

The mixture was really crumbly, and when I put the batter in the grease it wouldn’t stay together.  So they didn’t turn out looking anything like the photo in the book, or the photo above.

But holy cow, these are AMAZING.  They taste like funnel cakes with cornmeal!

The recipe calls for bacon grease, so it only made sense to serve these with the bacon we had to cook for the grease.


All in all, this was a delicious breakfast to start off our weekend!

I would definitely make this one again.

Taste: 10/10

Cornmeal cooked in bacon grease and smothered in maple syrup = an amazing combination.

Difficulty: Easy

The recipe was pretty easy to follow, and there weren’t a lot of steps to this one.20180120_081906

Cost: Cheap

Just bacon, cornmeal, and maple syrup!


I would pack the cakes together with my hands next time.  Maybe they wouldn’t fall apart as much.

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