True Blood: Heaven Scent Pot Roast

A review of Heaven Scent Pot Roast from the True Blood Cookbook.

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Heaven Scent Pot Roast by Luna Garza

Who doesn’t love a good pot roast, am I right?


The True Blood recipe for pot roast was pretty similar to the other ones I’ve made in the past.  I started off seasoning the pot roast, and then browning it on all sides.  Then I cooked some onions and garlic in there before adding the broth, beer, carrots, and bay leaves.  Finally, the entire thing went into the oven until the meat was soft and tender.

I was surprised that they didn’t include any potatoes in the recipe, since that’s usually one of the vegetables that are included in a pot roast.  I felt like it needed an extra side, like a salad or something.  It didn’t feel like a complete meal on its own with just meat and carrots.

20180128_133633Taste: 9/10

Very tasty pot roast, but not the best I’ve ever had.

Difficulty: Medium

Not an extremely challenging meal, but it’s not for beginner cooks either.

Cost: Average

The chuck roast itself costs more money, but for the amount of food it makes I think it evens out.20180128_133906


I would buy a less fatty cut of meat next time, and add in some potatoes or another vegetable to make it a more complete meal.  As is it felt like it needed an extra side dish.

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