True Blood: Lovin’ in the Coven

A review of Lovin’ in the Coven from the True Blood Cookbook.

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Lovin’ in the Coven by Lafayette Reynolds

Lovin’ in the Coven is one of many alcoholic drinks in this cookbook.  It required several steps, including making two other recipes (a “Simple Syrup” and “Ruby Mixer”) beforehand.  Both were fairly simple to make, but that did increase the number of ingredients and the cost as well.

It tasted delicious!  VERY lemon, and VERY strong.  If you’re not a fan of citrus, then skip this one.  Lemon is my husband’s favorite fruit, so he absolutely loved it.  It’s quite sour on top, but the Ruby Mixer at the end was very sweet.

The recipe said to float the Ruby Mixer on top, but when I added it to the glass it immediately sank to the bottom.  I think it’s because of the egg white in the lemon part.  No matter – it still had the split-color look!


Taste: 8/10

We both really enjoyed this one.  My husband liked the sour, and I liked the sweet.  I would actually add more Ruby Mixer to mine in the future, but it was perfect for him as is.

Difficulty: Fairly Easy

There are a lot of steps involved in this one, but I wouldn’t call it necessarily “challenging.”  It did require cooking the syrup over the stove and shaking things in a cocktail shaker, but nothing was overly difficult.

Cost: Pricey

Citrus Vodka is the most expensive thing here, but other items add up: Orangina, Grenadine, lemons…


If you don’t want anything too strong you can simply reduce the amount of alcohol you add.  If you don’t want it too sour, add extra Ruby Mixer to sweeten it up.

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