True Blood: Hopes, Squashed

A review of Hopes, Squashed from the True Blood Cookbook.

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Hopes, Squashed by Debbie Pelt

20180128_101834I started this recipe a week and a half ago, but since the squash and onion sit in vinegar, I figured this was a sort of “pickling” process.  The recipe says it can sit for up to 2 weeks, sealed in the fridge.

The process was very simple – chop up onion and squash and put in a bowl with ice, cook sugar and vinegar together with some spices, and then pour over the squash/onion mixture before sealing in containers and storing in the fridge.

The flavor was…not bad.  This wasn’t a favorite, but I didn’t hate it.  You definitely can taste the onion, and it’s strangely sour and sweet at the same time.  I wasn’t able to eat very much of it, but can see serving this as a side dish.


Taste: 5/10

I wouldn’t make it again.  Maybe those who are a big fan of pickled vegetables would enjoy this, but it’s not for me.  That being said, I didn’t hate it.

Difficulty: Average

This was not too difficult to make.  It involves some chopping of veggies, and boiling sugar and vinegar to make a syrup, but nothing challenging.

Cost: Average

Nothing too pricey – mostly veggies, but the recipe also calls for some items that some people won’t have in their kitchens, such as celery seeds and mustard seeds.

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