The Walking Dead: Carol’s Spring Cleaning Casserole

A review of Carol’s Spring Cleaning Casserole from The Walking Dead Cookbook

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Carol’s Spring Cleaning Casserole

In Season 6, Carol decides she’s going to put together a “Spring Cleaning Casserole” using old canned goods in Alexandria that no one wanted to eat.20180224_191101

I was a bit wary about this recipe.  It really didn’t sound especially appealing or flavorful, but I decided to give it a shot since it definitely seemed like something that could be thrown together during a zombie apocalypse.

The recipe mostly included a lot of canned goods, like mixed vegetables, water chestnuts, and cream of celery soup.  I did need to chop up an onion, but that was the only perishable item.  The whole thing was covered with crushed crackers before going into the oven…it’s that simple.


I decided to use unsalted crackers because…well, y’know.  Apocalypse.  Supplies are limited.

This was surprisingly good!  I really wasn’t expecting much, but we both really liked this!20180224_200849

Taste: 8/10

I’m not generally a huge fan of casseroles, but I was very pleasantly surprised by this one!

Difficulty: Easy

Very simple to make.  Saute onion, mix everything together, top with crushed crackers, and toss in the oven.


Cost: Average

The recipe calls for a lot of canned goods, as well as crackers.


It’s a “spring cleaning” casserole, so you could add pretty much anything you wanted: other canned vegetables, fresh vegetables, cans of beans, a different “cream of” soup, new spices…lots of options here!

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