The Walking Dead: Apocalypse Sweet Sun Tea

A review of “Apocalypse Sweet Sun Tea” from The Walking Dead Cookbook

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Apocalypse Sweet Sun Tea

This recipe actually could be easily made during an apocalypse.  While it does say you should refrigerate if a refrigerator is available, it’s really not necessary.

I started on the tea yesterday morning, actually.  The first step was putting tea bags in water and letting it sit outside in the sun for several hours, so I left it outside all day while I was at work.

Then, once I got home, I stirred in the honey and stored it in the fridge overnight.20180309_171707

Finally, this evening when I got home, I just added some ice and mint to finish up the drink.

My husband thought it was really, really good.  I thought it was pretty good, but that it was a little bit too strong.  The honey was very nice, though!

Taste: 8/10

I thought the tea was a bit “over-steeped,” but it was likely because I left the tea bags in for too long.  The honey was a very nice addition though – my husband said it was “just the right amount” of honey.

The mint, honestly, didn’t add anything for me.  I couldn’t even taste it.

20180311_124233Difficulty: Easy

Very simple recipe to make, and doesn’t require a lot of ingredients or materials.

Cost: Cheap

You probably have all of the ingredients already in your pantry: water, tea bags, honey.


If you’re going to leave the tea out in the sun ALL day instead of the 5 hours they call for, then I would suggest reducing the number of tea bags in there.

Also, you probably don’t need the mint leaves addition, though it did make the glass of tea look nicer.

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