The Walking Dead: Sanctuary Seeded Bread & Dwight’s Egg Sandwich

A review of “Sanctuary Seeded Bread” and “Dwight’s Egg Sandwich” from The Walking Dead Cookbook

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Sanctuary Seeded Bread

20180310_103848Bread always takes a long time to make since it usually requires several hours of “rising”, so I started on this recipe yesterday night.

I accidentally bought “active” yeast instead of “instant” yeast, so I did have to make a minor change to the instructions.  Active yeast needs to be dissolved in water first before it’s added to the rest, whereas instant yeast can be tossed in with the flour and the water is added afterward.

It was a pretty simple bread recipe, just like the description promised.

First, all of the dough ingredients are mixed together in a bowl, and then left to sit overnight.

The next morning it had at least tripled in size if not more.

Then the recipe gives specific information about how to punch the dough down and peel it from the sides of the bowl.  I had to use quite a bit of flour on my hands to get it off the sides without sticking to me, but their instructions worked well!20180310_085728

Then it’s formed into a ball and placed on a tray filled with seeds and oat bran, where it sits and rises for another half hour.

Finally, the loaf is put into the oven to cook for about an hour.

This was the part I found the most difficult: picking the bread up off of the tray and placing it in the already-hot dutch oven.

The recipe says, “gently lifting the parchment, flip the bread into the pot…”  Mine sort of “plopped” heavily into the pot, and “splatted” a little bit when it hit the bottom.

It started smelling a little bit burnt about 10 minutes before it was supposed to come out, so I took it out earlier than what was called for.  I’m glad I did, though, because any longer and it probably would have actually been very burnt.

There was a little darkness at the very bottom of the loaf, and the seeds tasted a little overcooked to me, but the bread was very tasty!


Taste: 9/10

This bread was really good!  I was very close to giving this a 10/10.

I think the seeds cooked quicker than the bread, so they tasted a bit overdone, but that did not stop us from thoroughly enjoying the loaf.  My husband ate half the loaf before I even got to Dwight’s Egg Sandwich!

Difficulty: Average

As far as bread-making goes, this is one of the easier recipes I’ve tried.  That being said, making bread is never truly “easy” in my opinion.  The most difficult part to me is always lifting and transferring dough, and this recipe was no different.

Cost: Less than Average

The actual bread part of this recipe was very cheap, and could be made for almost nothing.  It’s just flour, salt, yeast, and water.  It was the oat bran and seeds that went on the top of the bread that brought up the price a little bit.


Trust your nose.  If it smells like it’s starting to burn, then consider removing the bread a bit earlier than what the recipe calls for.  I took ours out about 8 minutes early, and it was just starting to burn on the very bottom.

Also, you could switch up the seeds on this one if you’d like, and try a different combination than what they suggest.  You could probably mix in other items too if you’re feeling adventurous, like raisins or nuts (I haven’t actually tried this, though!).

Dwight’s Egg Sandwich


I actually thought this was one of the more boring moments in The Walking Dead, since we were watching a character who I didn’t really know or care about go about his day for over 2 full minutes.  But it was still a very memorable food moment of the show, so I had to make it!


The recipe includes the above “Sanctuary Seeded Bread” as one of the ingredients, which is why I paired these two recipes.

This is a sandwich, so honestly it was really straight forward:20180310_105536

  1. Slice and toast bread (though we didn’t toast ours since the bread was hot out of the oven and perfect as is)
  2. Cook eggs
  3. Layer mustard, pickles, eggs, tomatoes, and lettuce on the bread

The end result was…ok.  It was a sandwich and nothing more.

I didn’t really like the “bread and butter” pickles they added to the sandwich.  I’ve never had that type before, so I’m not sure if it was the “bread and butter” part of the pickles or the brand that I didn’t like.  My husband didn’t like them, either.

It was also really messy to eat.  The egg and tomatoes kept sliding out of the bread and pushing out the other ingredients.


Taste: 7/10

It was okay, but seemed like a plain old sandwich to me.  I think the fresh baked bread was the best part.  I’m sure it would be especially delicious in an apocalypse when food is scarce, but to me this was not worth it.

Difficulty: Easy

If you can make eggs, you can make this sandwich.  It was very simple.

20180312_123211Cost: Average

I don’t usually keep mustard and pickles in my fridge, so I did have to go out and purchase those.  Aside from that, you’ll need iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, eggs, and bread.


It’s a sandwich, so you can easily remove ingredients if you don’t want them on there, or add new ones that you think would make it better.

Personally, I would add cheese and remove the pickles on mine.

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