The Walking Dead: Homemade Chocolate Clusters

A review of “Homemade Chocolate Clusters” from The Walking Dead Cookbook

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Homemade Chocolate Clusters

These little clusters are very time-consuming to make.  That being said, you can easily leave them in the freezer overnight or for several hours and continue when you’re ready.  They spend most of the cooking time in the freezer anyway.

I started these yesterday, and then got tired of cooking and finished them this morning.20180309_185952

First, the butter and sugar are melted together before tossing in the marshmallows.  I already ran into a hiccup here.  After they are melted together, the mixture is supposed to sit for 10 minutes before adding marshmallows to avoid them over-melting.  After 10 minutes my mixture wasn’t warm enough to melt anything, so I threw it all back on the stove, marshmallows and all, until they stayed together somewhat.

Then the marshmallow clumps are put on a baking tray and frozen for 30 min.

Next step, add a mound of dulce de leche, dip in peanuts, and then freeze for another 20 minutes.

Next the chocolate is melted over a double boiler, and the bottoms of the clusters are dipped in chocolate.

Now guess what’s after this?  10 points if you guessed they go back in the freezer!

20180310_100646Finally, the last of the chocolate is added to the top of each cluster and they’re let out to cool and harden…this time not in the freezer.  This part took the most time for me, since it was a bit awkward getting the chocolate underneath some of the cluster crevices.

They turned out really well, though, and were a huge hit with my tabletop RP group!  A couple of people found them to be too rich and couldn’t finish a whole cluster, but most people loved them.

Taste: 9/1020180310_111253

Nearly perfect, but as mentioned before these were very rich.  They tasted like a treat that would be served around the holidays.

Difficulty: Average

You do need to melt some things over the stove, and it takes some patience and skill to completely cover those clusters with chocolate.  A couple of times it was also a bit tricky to get the dulce de leche or the peanuts to stick to the cluster.  Otherwise, though, it’s a slow but mostly easy process.

Cost: Average

You’ll have to purchase dulce de leche, marshmallows, and bittersweet chocolate.  Possibly evaporated milk and peanuts as well if you don’t already have them in your pantry.



If your mixture is too cool to melt the marshmallows when you toss them in, don’t be afraid of putting it all back over the stove on a low temperature for a bit until the marshmallows are a little bit melted.

When it comes time to add the peanuts, you may need to push them into the dulce de leche to get them to stay.

I ended up with way more melted chocolate than I needed, so I’d recommend melting less than they ask for and saving the rest of your chocolate for another recipe (or to devour later in secret).

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