The Walking Dead: Alexandria Lemonade & Spiked Arnold Palmer

A review of Alexandria Lemonade and Spiked Arnold Palmer from The Walking Dead Cookbook

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Alexandria Lemonade

In Alexandria they actually had powered lemonade, so this recipe isn’t quite accurate to the show.  But of course lemonade with real lemons is a whole lot better!

This is another fairly simple recipe with minimal ingredients: sugar, lemons, water, and mint, but the mint is optional.

20180318_195503Interestingly the recipe made a lemonade “base,” not a finished lemonade.  The recipe suggests mixing 1 part base to 2 parts water (sparkling or still), but you can add more or less water depending on how strong you’d like the lemonade to be.

We tried it with their recommended 1 part base, 2 parts water, and used still water since it’s what we had on hand.

Taste: 9/10

We really liked this lemonade, especially the fact that we could add as much water as we liked.20180318_195827

Difficulty: Easy

Easy to make, just time consuming to squeeze all those lemons!

Cost: Cheap

Lemons, sugar, and water.  That’s all you need.


I would use just a little bit less than their 1 part base, 2 parts water recommendation.

Also, make sure you stir the base and water together!  Our first taste was very watery on top and extra lemony at the bottom.

Spiked Arnold Palmer

20180318_200838I had to wait until I made the Alexandria Lemonade, Crème de Pêche, and Apocalypse Sun Sweet Tea for this one, because it combines all three!  Plus a few other ingredients as well, like seltzer and bitters.

This is probably the easiest recipe on this blog to date – combine everything, shake, and pour over ice.

My husband liked this one more than me, but I still thought it was pretty good.  The flavor was subtle, and though it was sweet it wasn’t overwhelmingly so.

Taste: 7/10

This was good, but not outstanding.  I particularly liked the addition of Peychaud’s bitters to the drink.  Maybe using actual peach schnapps would make it taste a bit better, since the Crème de Pêche I made wasn’t very flavorful.

Difficulty: Easy20180318_200830

Incredibly easy to make – just combine ingredients and mix them together.

Cost: Average to Expensive

The cost really depends on how many ingredients you’ve already made (or have on hand) vs. how many you need to buy.  I had already made the schnapps, lemonade, and iced tea so I really just needed to buy Peychaud’s bitters and seltzer.


Don’t feel like you have to make their specific ice tea, lemonade, and/or peach schnapps for this recipe.  Store-bought or another recipe would work just as well for this one.

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