Cookbook Reveal – A Feast of Ice and Fire: The Official Game of Thrones Companion Cookbook

A brief overview of the cookbook I will be reviewing this month: “A Feast of Ice and Fire: The Official Game of Thrones Companion Cookbook”


A Feast of Ice and Fire was my very first fiction-based cookbook!  I started out by routinely visiting the Inn at the Crossroads blog, and when they announced that they were releasing a cookbook I was one of the first to get my hands on it.

To be honest, I’ve already made a ton of recipes from this cookbook, but I made a point to add some new ones to my list this month.

About the Books (& Show):


“A Song of Ice and Fire” is my favorite book series.  The series was created by George R.R.

Me on the Iron Throne a few years ago!  Did I mention I’m a big fan?

Martin, and it ended up being produced as a television show called “Game of Thrones” (which I’m confident you’ve all heard of).  It is a fantasy series set in a world similar to medieval Earth.

The book (and show) focus on several different characters in different parts of the world, most of whom believe they have rights to the Iron Throne.  An incredibly huge number of main characters are killed off throughout the books as they fight for the throne, and the series will likely end with everybody dead.

If you haven’t seen the show yet, there’s still time to catch up before the final season airs next year!

About the Cookbook:

The cookbook is divided up by whichever location in “The Known World” they came from (The Wall, The North, The South, King’s Landing, Dorne, and Across the Narrow Sea).  I’m including a few recipes from each, since the flavors can differ quite significantly between each location.

A Feast of Ice & FireEvery recipe in this cookbook has been mentioned in the book series at one time or another, even if just in passing, and each recipe starts with the passage that it was inspired from.  This is probably what I love most about this cookbook!  It’s 100% true to the original material, and doesn’t make up recipes based on what might have been served in a certain location.  Lucky for them that George R.R. Martin loves to describe amazing food and meals in his books!

They also provide both a medieval and modern day version of a lot of the recipes in here.  With the medieval recipes, the authors actually tracked down some medieval cookbooks for authentic recipes.  Some are good, and others don’t really appeal to the modern-day palette.  I’m going to make a bit of both.


I could honestly talk forever about this cookbook, but I know you guys are anxious to know what I’m cooking this month!

The Recipes:


  • Breakfast on the Wall (From The Wall)
  • Breakfast at Winterfell (From The North)
  • Breakfast in Dorne (From Dorne)
  • Breakfast in Meereen (From Across the Narrow Sea)


  • Bean-and-Bacon Soup (From The Wall)
  • Beef and Bacon Pie (From The North)
  • Leek Soup (From The South)
  • Bowls of Brown (From King’s Landing)


  • Crusty White Bread (From The Wall)
  • Sweetcorn Fritters (From King’s Landing)
  • Flatbread (From Dorne)
  • Chickpea Paste (From Dorne)


  • Baked Apples (From The North)
  • Arya’s Snitched Tarts (From The South)
  • Poached Pears (From The South)
  • Lemon Cakes (From King’s Landing)


  • Mulled Wine (From The Wall)
  • Lemonsweet (From Dorne)
  • Honey-Sweetened Wine (From Across the Narrow Sea)
  • Iced Green Minty Drink (From Across the Narrow Sea)

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