A Feast of Ice and Fire: Breakfast at Winterfell

A review of Breakfast at Winterfell from the A Feast of Ice and Fire Cookbook.

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Now we’re moving a little further south from The Wall, and into “The North.”  This is where Winterfell, home of the Stark family, is located.  The area is still much colder than most of the rest of Westeros, so food is still quite hearty to keep you warm.  That being said, they generally have access to better food throughout the region than they do at The Wall.

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Breakfast at Winterfell

“There was more than [Catelyn] asked for: hot bread, butter and honey and blackberry preserves, a rasher of bacon and a soft-boiled egg, a wedge of cheese, a pot of mint tea.  And with it came Maester Luwin.” – A Game of Thrones

Not one, but TWO breakfasts made this week?  AND THIS TIME WITH BACON?!  My husband is loving life right now.20180325_084002

Another fairly simple breakfast to assemble, this one involved bacon, soft-boiled eggs, bread with jam & honey, sharp white cheese, and mint tea.  Since it’s so simple, I don’t think I need to go into detail about how I assembled this one!  They even provided instructions on how to properly eat the soft-boiled egg.

I wish I picked up blackberry jam instead of strawberry so it would more accurately match the novel, but the bread with jam and honey was my favorite part of the meal.  The mint tea was a very nice addition as well!

If you want to try out this recipe for yourself, you can find it on the Inn at the Crossroads website here!

20180325_083605Taste: 9/10

This might be a 10/10 for some people, but it just didn’t quite make it for me.  It was pretty close, though!  I’d rather my eggs were hard-boiled, and I’m not as crazy about bacon as my husband is (he gives it 10/10).

But the mix of flavors did work very well together – some savory and some sweet; some light and some heavy.  Something here that everyone can enjoy!

Difficulty: Easy – Average

Can you make bacon?  Can you boil an egg?  Do you know how to cut cheese (don’t giggle – you know what I meant)?  If so, you’ll be fine.  Honestly the most challenging part is not over or under cooking the egg.

Cost: Average

You will need to buy bacon for this one, and possible some of the other elements as well (jam, white cheese, mint tea…).  In our case we had to buy everything but the eggs and honey.

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