A Year of Holidays: Easter Leftovers (Part 2)

A review of Scalloped Potatoes with Ham from The Pioneer Woman Cooks: A Year of Holidays

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Easter Leftovers (Part 2)

20180406_181542I was so excited for this one!  I LOVE scalloped potatoes, but have never tried making them before.  So tonight we tried Scalloped Potatoes with Ham from the “A Year of Holidays” cookbook.

I started off with making the cream sauce, which consisted of onion, flour, milk and cream.  Then I layered sliced potatoes, ham, cheese, and cream sauce twice in a baking dish.

The whole thing went into the oven…and that’s it!  Done!

And O. M. G you guys.  This was GOOD.


Taste: 10/10

So creamy and delicious!  These potatoes did not disappoint.  The ham was a great addition to the potatoes.20180406_192623

Difficulty: Average

You have to be careful with the sauce, and watch it closely, but otherwise this recipe was quite simple.

Cost: Cheap

You’ll likely need to pick up the potatoes, cheese, and maybe the half and half cream and/or onion.

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