A Year of Holidays: Easter Leftovers (Part 2)

A review of Scalloped Potatoes with Ham from The Pioneer Woman Cooks: A Year of Holidays

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Easter Leftovers (Part 2)

20180406_181542I was so excited for this one!  I LOVE scalloped potatoes, but have never tried making them before.  So tonight we tried Scalloped Potatoes with Ham from the “A Year of Holidays” cookbook.  The link will take you to her website, where you can get the recipe for yourself!

I started off with making the cream sauce, which consisted of onion, flour, milk and cream.  Then I layered sliced potatoes, ham, cheese, and cream sauce twice in a baking dish.

The whole thing went into the oven…and that’s it!  Done!

And O. M. G you guys.  This was GOOD.


Taste: 10/10

So creamy and delicious!  These potatoes did not disappoint.  The ham was a great addition to the potatoes.20180406_192623

Difficulty: Average

You have to be careful with the sauce, and watch it closely, but otherwise this recipe was quite simple.

Cost: Cheap

You’ll likely need to pick up the potatoes, cheese, and maybe the half and half cream and/or onion.

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