My Favorite Recipes from the Inn at the Crossroads

Some of my favorite Game of Thrones recipes from Inn at the Crossroads.

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I think I’ve mentioned before that the first ever food blog I followed was Inn at the Crossroads, a blog that once solely devoted itself to making food from the Song of Ice and Fire book series (aka Game of Thrones).  Now they have World of Warcraft recipes up there as well, if you’re a fan!

So here are some of my favorite recipes of theirs, taken straight from the books.

Crusty-Fresh-Bread-NEWCrusty White Bread

“The Great Hall of Winterfell was hazy with smoke and heavy with the smell of roasted meat and fresh-baked bread.” – A Game of Thrones

This is the same crusty white bread I made earlier this month!  It’s from Winterfell originally, but in the cookbook they categorized it under The Wall for some reason.  You can read my review of it here.  The bread is soft and fluffy in the middle, and hard and crunchy on the outside.  It’s a pretty simple bread, but definitely worth the effort!

Flatbread & Chickpea Pastesnacking-in-dorne

When the sun set the air grew cool and the children went inside in search of supper, still the prince remained beneath his orange trees, looking out over the still pools and the sea beyond. A serving man brought him a bowl of purple olives with flatbread, cheese, and chickpea paste. He ate a bit of it, and drank a cup of the sweet, heavy strongwine that he loved. – A Feast for Crows

I just reviewed these recipes this weekend, and they are extremely delicious.  Hummus (or chickpea paste) is one of my favorite snacks, and it pairs well with vegetables as well as bread and crackers.

modern-poppersStuffed Green Peppers

“Seven courses were served, in honor of the seven gods and the seven brothers of the Kingsguard. The soup was made with eggs and lemons, the long green peppers stuffed with cheese and onions.” – A Dance with Dragons

I actually haven’t tried this recipe yet, but it looks so darn good that I had to add it to this list.  According to their notes, these apparently taste even better with dipping sauce!


Leek Soupmedieval-leek-soup

“The wedding feast began with a thin leek soup, followed by a salad of green beans, onions, and beets…” – A Storm of Swords

As a big fan of onions and leeks, I had to post this one.  Neither recipe is the same as the leek soup I made earlier this month, but the modern version listed on the Inn at the Crossroads website is quite good, and tastes like springtime!


“She still remembered the innkeep, a fat woman named Masha Heddle who chewed sourleaf night and day and seemed to have an endless supply of smiles and sweet cakes for the children. The sweet cakes had been soaked with honey, rich and heavy on the tongue…” – A Game of Thrones

I haven’t tried the medieval version of this recipe, but the modern version is very good!  I was a little hesitant about the lavender icing, but trust me – it works really well with these little cakes.


Strawberries and SweetgrassIMG_5955

 “Tables and benches had been raised outside the pavilions, piled high with sweetgrass and strawberries and fresh-baked bread.” – A Game of Thrones

I haven’t made this recipe in quite a while, but I remember it being very sweet and delicious!  It makes a lot of strawberries, so if you’re not making it for a crowd I suggest cutting the recipe in half.

Hot-Spiced-WineThe Old Bear’s Hot Spiced Wine

“The Old Bear was particular about his hot spiced wine.  So much cinnamon and so much nutmeg and so much honey, not a drop more.  Raisins and nuts and dried berries, but no lemon, that was the rankest sort of southron heresy…” – A Clash of Kings

These recipes are very similar to the ones found in the cookbook.  You can find my review of the medieval version here.  I LOVE mulled wine, and while I found that the medieval version evaporated a lot of liquid, my cousin made the Southron wine once for Christmas and it went over extremely well!

Sallador Saan’s Hot Winesaans-hot-wine

“Fetch him some hot wine with cloves, I am misliking the sound of that cough.  Squeeze some lime in it as well.  And bring white cheese and a bowl of those cracked green olives we counted earlier!” -A Storm of Swords

Ok, I haven’t actually tried this hot wine yet, but the description sounds SO GOOD!!!  It’s definitely on my must-try list!


pear-brandy-startTyroshi Pear Brandy

It doesn’t seem like they included a quote for this one on their website, but it’s established in the books that Tyroshi, located in Essos (Across the Narrow Sea), is well-known for its pear brandy.

This was one of the first recipes I tried from the Inn at the Crossroads website, and when it was finished I brought it to a friend’s party.  Everyone loved it!  It’s very sweet, but very tasty!



All photos on this post have been taken from the Inn at the Crossroads website.

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