A Feast of Ice and Fire: Modern Iced Green Minty Drink

A review of “Modern Iced Green Minty Drink” from the A Feast of Ice & Fire cookbook.

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Modern Iced Green Minty Drink

“Slave girls scurried through light and shadow, bearing flagons of ale and wine and some iced green drink that smelled of mint.” – A Dance with Dragons

This was not only very easy to make, but also SOOOOOO GOOD!!!!

The instructions are basically “throw everything into a blender, blend, and pour into glasses.”

20180421_161716There is a little bit of prep, though, like chopping up honeydew melon and taking the mint leaves off the stem.

Ingredients were honeydew melon, mint, honey, ginger ale, and crushed ice.  That’s it!

This is going to be something I make constantly during the summer!

Taste: 10/10

I would rate this higher if I could – it’s delicious!  The melon, mint, and ginger ale make this drink light and refreshing, and the honey adds a smooth taste to it while sweetening the drink up a bit.  It’s 100% a summer drink, and would be so nice on a hot day!20180421_161839

Difficulty: Easy

Just mix and pour.

Cost: Average

Costs include the honeydew melon, mint, and ginger ale.  You may need to purchase honey as well, if you don’t already have some (or don’t have enough).


This drink would actually taste great with a splash of alcohol as well, like tequila or vodka!

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