Cookbook Review – A Feast of Ice & Fire

A final review of the “A Feast of Ice & Fire” cookbook.

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Out of the three cookbooks I have tried so far, this one is the most honest to the content A Feast of Ice & Firethat it’s based on…in this case, the “Song of Ice and Fire” book series.

Each recipe includes a direct quote from the book so you can see which moment it came from.  While some recipes might vary a little bit from the exact written description, most are spot on.

If you want to be really authentic, follow the medieval versions of each recipe.  But be warned!  Since they are from the medieval times, they will not all appeal to our modern taste buds.  I didn’t do a review of the Medieval Beef and Bacon Pie this month, but I’ve tried it before, and combining figs and dates with beef and bacon just doesn’t do it for me.


20180408_173747The recipes vary in difficulty, though most are about average.  I did find a couple of instructions that were vague, such as the Poached Pears, but most were detailed enough for any cook to get a solid understanding of each step.

The costs were mostly average as well, though I do feel like there were more expensive items overall in this cookbook than with the True Blood and The Walking Dead cookbooks.  I think it’s 20180331_123731because a lot of the recipes include wine as an ingredient.

I’m saving a whopping total of 10 recipes from this cookbook!  For both previous cookbooks I only ended up saving 5 recipes from each.  So that means about 50% of the recipes in this cookbook…or at least of the recipes I tried in this cookbook… were absolutely amazing!  Here are the recipes I’m keeping:20180421_161839

Screen Shot 2018-04-02 at 2.54.14 PMHonorary Mention 1: the bread fried in butter as part of the Breakfast on the Wall.  We’ve been cooking our toast like this every weekend since (because it’s totally acceptable to eat those kinds of calories on the weekend, am I right?).

Honorary Mention 2: Breakfast at Winterfell.  This one was very close to being a 10/10, and if you ask my husband, he’ll insist it should have made the list.


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