The Hunger Games: Springtime Soup & Katniss’s Craved Cheese Buns

A review of Springtime Soup and Katniss’s Craved Cheese Buns from the Unofficial Hunger Games Cookbook.

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Springtime Soup

“‘Okay, no more than one bite of each dish,’ I say.  My resolve is almost immediately broken at the first table, which has twenty or so soups, when I encounter a creamy pumpkin brew sprinkled with slivered nuts and tiny black seeds…I weaken again at a clear green broth that I can only describe as tasting like springtime, and again when I try a frothy pink soup dotted with strawberries.” – Catching Fire, Chapter 6

I try to fit at least one vegetarian meal in a week, so this week it’s the Springtime Soup.  It’s not exactly a “clear green broth,” but it does taste like springtime!20180513_155048

After cutting up the leeks, celery, carrot, and garlic, it was all thrown into a large pot and sauteed over the stove with some fresh herbs.  Once they were browned, potatoes were added and cooked until softened.

Then water and chicken stock were added (okay I know…not 100% vegetarian.  But they did say vegetable or chicken stock in the ingredients list).  The pot was brought to a boil, and then beans and spinach were added.

Unfortunately I couldn’t find fava beans at my local grocery store and I ran out of time to check elsewhere, so I added extra chickpeas, green beans, and white beans in place of the fava beans.

Everything was cooked about 10 minutes longer, and then I removed the sprigs/stems of fresh herbs before serving.

This was a really tasty, and very healthy meal that we both enjoyed quite a bit!  And there was even enough left for lunch tomorrow!

Taste: 10/1020180513_163308

We loved this, and will definitely be keeping it!

Difficulty: Average

There is a lot of chopping and measuring involved, but nothing too strenuous.

Cost: Average

You’ll probably need to pick up most ingredients for this recipe.  There are a lot of vegetables and beans, as well as stock.

Katniss’s Craved Cheese Buns

“[Peeta and my] exchanges are painful and loaded, even though we touch on only the most superficial details.  The color of my dress in 7.  My preference for cheese buns.  The name of our math teacher when we were little.  Reconstructing his memory of me is excruciating.” – Mockingjay, Chapter 19

These were surprisingly easy to make.

Most of the ingredients are combined in a bowl (Bisquick, garlic powder, sugar, milk, and cheese), and then dropped onto a baking sheet.  The sheet is popped into the oven for about 8-10 minutes.

While the buns are cooking, butter is melted and mixed with salt, garlic powder, and Old Bay Seasoning.20180513_163243

Once the buns are out of the oven, I simply brushed the butter on top of the biscuits and served!

Taste: 8/10

These were really good, but I think they could have used some extra cheese.  I’m not sure if that would affect how they cook, though!

I also burned the bottom of our buns slightly, and I put them in for only 8 minutes.   Next time I would take them out a minute or two early.

20180513_163423Difficulty: Easy

The only way these could be simpler is if you exclude the butter topping.  They’re definitely great to make if you need a quick side dish!

Cost: Average

You may need to purchase Bisquick if you don’t already have it.  Milk, cheddar cheese, and Old Bay Seasoning may also be on your grocery list for this one.


I recommend checking on the biscuits around 6 minutes into baking, to make sure the very bottom isn’t turning black.  I would check each minute after that as well, until they’re completely done.

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