The Walking Dead: Granny’s Candied Pecans

A review of “Granny’s Candied Pecans” from the Walking Dead Cookbook.

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Granny’s Candied Pecans


In Season 4, Episode 14 of The Walking Dead, my favorite Walking Dead character (Carol) picks pecans with the two little girls in her care, Lizzie and Mika.  She then roasts them according to her Granny’s recipe.  I won’t tell you what happens later in the episode to shatter this wholesome picture, just in case you haven’t seen the episode yet 😉

20180523_170110These were SO easy to make, and only involved 5 ingredients.  The hardest part was waiting 2 hours for them to cool/harden so we could finally eat them!

First, the glaze for the pecans is made by simply mixing together the first four ingredients (brown sugar, water, vanilla, salt).20180523_171249

The pecans are then roasted in the oven for a short while before being transferred to a saucepan.

The glaze is added to the saucepan, and it’s all heated over the stove until the pecans are completely coated in the glaze.

They cool for about 2 hours, and then they’re ready to eat!

Ours were still a little sticky when we ate them, but we didn’t care at all.  They were delicious!

20180523_191827Taste: 9/10

This is the first time I’ll be keeping a recipe that is not a 10/10, and that’s because these are just so darn easy to make, are a great snack, and were so close to a perfect score.

These were really good, but in the end they’re still just a candied nut.  I don’t think any candied nut will make a 10/10 for me, so this might be about as good as a nut can get!

Difficulty: Easy20180523_171419

Very simple recipe for a delicious, somewhat healthy snack!

Cost: Cheap

You will need to buy pecans, and maybe brown sugar if you don’t already have some.


The recipe indicates that these can be stored for up to 2 weeks, so I recommend making a larger batch than listed in the book.  Trust me – you’ll go through these quickly!

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