True Blood: Another Dead Chick-en Sandwich

A review of Another Dead Chick-en Sandwich from the True Blood Cookbook.

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Another Dead Chick-en Sandwich by Arlene Fowler Bellefleur

This recipe was surprisingly easy to make, but you will need a grill/barbecue.20180603_101224

The chicken is first marinated in a combination of Worcestershire sauce, soy sauce, vinegar, Tabasco, salt, cayenne pepper and garlic powder.

The recipe says to marinade for at least an hour, flipping every 15 minutes.  Instead, I marinated for about 3 hours, flipping once in between.  I had work to do outside, and didn’t want to be coming back inside every 15 minutes just to flip chicken.  I honestly don’t think it made a difference.

Once you’re ready for the chicken, just put it on the grill and cook until it’s no longer pink inside.

To serve, mayo was spread onto one half of an onion roll, the chicken was placed on top, and then it was all covered with the top half of the roll.

Our chicken breasts were a bit larger than what the recipe called for, so we cut them in half and had some extra chicken left over for another day.20180603_134356

Taste: 8/10

These sandwiches were really good!  My husband gives it a 9/10, but it’s not quite there for me.

There’s a little bit of “kick” to these sandwiches, since there’s Tabasco and cayenne pepper in the marinade, and the mayo actually works quite well with that spiciness.

The onion roll was also a nice touch!

20180603_135831Difficulty: Easy

If you can use a grill/barbecue, you’ll be just fine.

Cost: Average

You will need to purchase the chicken breasts and onion rolls.  You may also need to buy white wine vinegar and/or some of the sauces (Worcestershire, soy sauce, and Tabasco).

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