True Blood: Blood Orange Mimosas

A review of Blood Orange Mimosas from the True Blood cookbook.

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Blood Orange Mimosas

IMG_20180608_082131_232What better way to start the weekend than by getting drunk on champagne first thing in the morning?

We don’t own any champagne flutes, so I used white wine glasses instead.  This actually worked out perfectly, because we were able to fit even more alcohol into the glasses!

The recipe was, of course, very simple.  First, pour in the champagne.  Then, pour in the blood orange juice, and finally, garnish with mint sprigs and strawberries.  They had specific measurements of how much champagne to orange juice, which ended in the perfect combination of the two!

Technically this recipe calls for “blood orange” juice – I have never seen blood oranges or blood orange juice where I live, so I used regular orange juice.  I’m pretty sure it tastes just as good!

20180608_073611Taste: 10/10

The division of champagne and orange juice was perfect, and the strawberry and mint were both a very nice addition to the mimosas!

Difficulty: Easy

If you’re going to squeeze fresh oranges, it will of course be a bit more effort, but if you’re using already prepared orange juice then this recipe is a piece of cake!

Cost: Pricey

You of course need to purchase a bottle of champagne, so the price is going to be higher.  You may also need to purchase strawberries, mint, and/or (blood) orange juice.


If you cut a small slit into the strawberry, you can easily perch it on the side of your glass for a fancy appearance!

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