True Blood: Ruby Jean’s Hash

A review of Ruby Jean’s Hash from the True Blood Cookbook.

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Ruby Jean’s Hash by Lafayette Reynolds

As a mid-week surprise, I gave my husband a break from cooking breakfast today and made him a plate of Ruby Jean’s Hash!

I did most of the prep yesterday – cooking the potatoes, chopping the vegetables, and cutting up the sausage.  So this morning it only took about 15-20 minutes to get the rest done.

The potatoes were cooked first, and then the veggies and sausage were added and cooked until the veggies were soft and the meat was cooked through.20180616_091927

There – the hash is done!

Next was the eggs – I recommend boiling the water while the veggies are cooking.  I ended up waiting around for a while, and the hash cooled during that time.

They were poached eggs, so vinegar was added to the water and the eggs were very carefully slid into the pot.

Once they were boiled through, I removed the eggs with a slotted spoon and put them on top of the hash.  Finally, the entire dish was topped with green onion and it was ready to eat!


Taste: 9/10

The hash was really good – my husband gives it a 10/10, but it was a little bit too spicy for me and sausage is not a favorite.  If you love spicy sausage, this will definitely be a winner for you!20180616_092336

Difficulty: Easy/Average

The hash itself is very simple.  Where it gets slightly more challenging is the poached egg, but even that is not too difficult.

Cost: Average

You’ll need to purchase potatoes, bell pepper, onion, and andouille sausage.  Possibly green onion and eggs as well.


Set the water for the eggs to boil right at the beginning.  That way you don’t need to wait around for the water to boil while your hash gets cold on the counter.

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