Orange is the New Black: Waffles and Scrambled Eggs

A review of Waffles and Scrambled Eggs from the Orange is the New Black Cookbook.

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Waffles and Scrambled Eggs

This is a recipe seen throughout the whole show.  Pretty much every time you see the characters eating breakfast, it’s waffles and/or scrambled eggs.

I actually went out and bought a waffle iron for this – TOTALLY WORTH IT!  I found one for less than $20 here, and it works great!14143

The batter for the waffles was first, and it was pretty similar to making pancakes (if you’ve ever made them from scratch before).  Dry ingredients were mixed in one bowl, wet in the other, and then they’re combined until just combined.

OITNB S3 Set 4Before I started on actually cooking the waffles, I beat the eggs with the water, salt, and pepper so they were ready to go.

Then the first batch of batter was added to the waffle iron and cooked based on the iron’s directions – in my case it was just “wait until it stops steaming.”  The oven was already heated at a low temperature, so we kept the finished waffles in there until we were ready to eat.

Meanwhile, butter was heated in a skillet over the stove and the eggs were added and cooked until they were done.

And voila!  Delicious waffles and scrambled eggs.


Taste: 9/10

The waffles were really light and fluffy, and so were the eggs.  We ended up adding maple syrup and butter to ours, which knocked this up to a full 10/10!14124

Difficulty: Average

Neither the waffles nor the eggs were very difficult.

Cost: Cheap/Average

The cost depends on what you already have in your kitchen.  Most of the ingredients are pretty common items – flour, sugar, baking powder, eggs, milk, butter, etc.


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