Orange is the New Black: Desert Storm Pudding

A review of Desert Storm Pudding from the Orange is the New Black Cookbook.

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Desert Storm Pudding

The reference to this recipe is in the very first episode of Orange is the New Black, when Yoga (Erica Jones) warns Piper in the cafeteria “Don’t eat the pudding…It comes in big cans marked ‘Desert Storm.’  Sometimes the kitchen has to scrape mold off the top before they serve it.


So naturally, I had to make this wonderfully moldy pudding 🙂

20180710_192612Because I’m paranoid about burning milk, I made sure the eggs and cream were mixed together and ready to go before I even started with the stove.  In the recipe, however, this step comes after the sugar/cornstarch/milk mixture is already heating up.

Also something to note: don’t be like me and add vanilla extract in the very beginning.  If you’re using vanilla seeds from the bean, then add in the beginning.  But if you’re using vanilla extract, it gets added later in the recipe.

Once the milk mixture comes to almost a simmer, the egg/cream mixture is added.  From this point on it must be whisked constantly as it simmers on the stove.

Once the pudding has thickened to the point where ribbons form over the surface when you lift the whisk, it’s removed from the stove and butter is added in.  This is also where you’d add the vanilla extract if you’re using that instead of the vanilla bean seeds.

I had already added the extract in the beginning, but put in another splash here in case some of the flavor disappeared during the boiling.

Then the whole thing is strained into bowls and covered with plastic wrap before being cooled in the fridge for several hours.  If you don’t mind that layer of pudding skin that forms on top, then you don’t need to add the plastic wrap.

Taste: 7/1020180711_195714

This was not a favorite of mine.  I don’t usually love pudding anyway, but after trying the Walking Dead pudding I think I had higher expectations for this.

They do have optional variations, though, which might taste better.  I feel like you can’t go wrong with a little chocolate in here!

Difficulty: Average

The toughest part is the constant stirring, and knowing when the pudding is done.  But the instructions in the recipe are actually quite helpful with describing when the pudding is ready.

Cost: Cheap/Average

Cost will depend on what you already have in your fridge and pantry.  Ingredients include sugar, cornstarch, milk, vanilla (beans or extract), eggs, heavy cream, and butter.  They’re all pretty common items, but I did need to go out and buy heavy cream for our pudding.

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