Cookbook Review – Orange is the New Black Presents: The Cookbook

A final review of the Official Orange is the New Black Cookbook.

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OITNBCookbookI really enjoyed eating my way through this cookbook!  Yes, there were a few blunders along the way, but in the end most of the recipes were a success and very tasty!

Visually it was a really nice cookbook to flip through – lots of big, beautiful photos of the food, and fun quotes and pictures from the show.

Most of the recipes included lots of step by step description, so they were pretty easy to follow as long as you pay close attention to each step.


The majority of the recipes I have tried so far are “average” in cost (not surprisingly), but this cookbook seemed to have an equal mix of “cheap” and “average” priced recipes.  20180715_173924So all in all, this is the most affordable cookbook I’ve tested so far when it comes to buying ingredients.  You will need special equipment for a few of the recipes, however, such as a fry thermometer and a food processor.

And the difficulty level did average out in the end.  There were some really easy ones, and some difficult ones, but most recipes fell somewhere in the middle.

They seem to have included a combination of recipes that are actually from the show (whether actually seen or mentioned in passing by a character), and recipes that are in there because the characters of the show would likely have eaten these dishes.

20180622_221748In the end, I’m really glad I picked this cookbook up!  There were a total of 6 recipes that I’m saving, and two honorable mentions:

And the honorable mentions: the waffles in Waffles and Scrambled Eggs, and Big Boo’s Roasted Corn which was just so easy to make I might end up keeping it anyway!


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