The Star Wars Cookbook: C-3P0 Pancakes

A review of C-3P0 Pancakes from The Star Wars Cookbook.

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C-3P0 Pancakes

C-3PO-See-Threepio_68fe125c.jpegThese are pretty normal pancakes, but with a small twist to make them more C-3P0/Star Wars themed: pineapple!

First, the butter is melted over the stove on a low heat.

While the butter is melting, the dry ingredients are mixed together in one bowl, and the wet ingredients in another.  The can of pineapple is also drained.

20180804_081113When the butter is finally melted, about 4 tbsp. are added to the wet ingredients, and some more is used to brush onto the pan.

Then the wet and dry ingredients are thoroughly combined.

Now to cook the pancakes!  1/3 cup of the batter is poured into the pre-heated pan and cooked until bubbles begin to appear in the middle of the pancake.

At this point, one ring of the pineapple is placed in the middle of the pancake before it’s flipped to cook on the other side.

Then they’re served warm with butter and maple syrup!


The first pancake came out perfectly, but the ones after that had an under-cooked spot beneath the pineapple slices.  It’s almost as if the pan was too hot, so it started burning before the middle was cooked.

We at them anyway, though 😛

20180804_081742Taste: 8/10

These were tasty pancakes, and the pineapple was actually a nice addition!  The brown sugar also worked well in combination with the pineapple.

However, the pineapple slice made it more difficult to cook the pancake all the way through, so there was a little bit of uncooked batter just below the pineapple on each one.

Difficulty: Average

Pancakes are not as simple as they appear, but this recipe does a good job of explaining exactly what to look for before flipping your pancake (bubbles that start to break the surface).  It’s really just getting the pancake to cook all the way through with that pineapple slice on top that’s the challenge.

Cost: Cheap

Most items, aside from the cans of pineapple rings, will already be in your house: butter, flour, brown sugar, baking powder, salt, eggs, and milk.

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