The Star Wars Cookbook: Greedo’s Burritos and Dark Side Salsa

A review of Greedo’s Burritos and Dark Side Salsa from The Star Wars Cookbook.

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Dark Side Salsa

7772c19a4aefad71490302d26839a346The Dark Side has some tasty food – I might consider making a switch 😉

The reference to Star Wars’ dark side here would be the red-colored salsa that matches their light sabers, and the nearly-black chips that match their dark robes.

The salsa was quite easy to put together, and mostly just requires a lot of chopping.

Chopped tomatoes, onion, and avocado are added to a bowl.  Then it’s topped with canned mild green chiles, thawed frozen corn, the juice of a lime or lemon, and some salt and pepper before it’s all mixed together.

Serve with blue corn tortilla chips and enjoy!20180805_173455

Taste: 9/10

We really enjoyed this!  I don’t usually see avocado and corn in salsa recipes, and they were great additions.

Difficulty: Easy

Just chop, combine, and serve!

Cost: Average

You will need to purchase tomatoes, onion, avocado, a can of green chiles, frozen corn, a lemon or lime, and blue corn tortilla chips.

Greedo’s Burritos

databank_greedo_01_169_3e4b96efGreedo is…was…a bounty hunter hired by Jabba the Hutt to capture Han Solo.  Unfortunately for Greedo, Han shot first (despite what the 1997 Special Edition wants you to think!).

To start, lettuce and tomatoes are chopped into small cubes, the canned black beans are drained, and the cheese is grated.

The beef is cooked over the stove, in oil, until it’s brown and then the beans are added and heated through.

Meanwhile, the tortillas are wrapped in tin foil and warmed up in the oven.

Once the tortillas are heated and the beef/bean mixture is thoroughly cooked and heated, we’re ready to assemble!

The beef/bean mixture is added to the tortillas first, followed by cheese, olives, tomato, and lettuce.  Then the whole thing is wrapped up and eaten.

Taste: 8/1020180805_181245

These were definitely good, but I’ve had better burritos.  I think it would have been nice if they added some sort of spice to the beef to make it more interesting.

Difficulty: Average

There are a lot of things to keep track of, especially for a child, but they do a pretty good job of breaking it down into manageable steps.  Parents will want to be present for this one!

Cost: Average

You’ll need to purchase black beans, tomato, lettuce, Monterey Jack cheese, ground beef, black olives, and flour tortillas.

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