The Star Wars Cookbook: Yoda Soda

A review of Yoda Soda from The Star Wars Cookbook.

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Yoda Soda

b8cb9be56df13d388c18e1c3c31749acSimilar to our dear friend Yoda, this drink is is a light green color.

Where does its green color come from?  Lime Sherbet or Sorbet.

So yeah…it’s gonna be good.

The first step was to squeeze lime into a measuring cup, and then mix it with sugar until the sugar dissolves.  Sparkling water is then added to the mix.

The lime sorbet is scooped into a tall glass and topped with the lime/water mix.

Wait for the bubbles to dissipate a little bit, and then enjoy!

Taste: 9/10

This was really good!  The lime flavor was not overwhelming, and the sugar level was just right!

Difficulty: Easy

All you need to do is measure, stir, scoop, and pour!

Cost: Average

While there really are only 4 ingredients in this recipe, you’ll probably need to purchase an entire carton of lime sherbet or sorbet even though you only need a scoop.  Other ingredients include limes, sugar, and sparkling water.

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