The Star Wars Cookbook: Han-Burgers & Tusken Raider Taters

A review of “Han-Burgers” and “Tusken Raider Taters” from The Star Wars Cookbook

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20180726_182109I not only love the play on words in this title, but the amazing photograph from the cookbook as well!

The first step for your Han-burgers is to mix the ground beef, salt, pepper, and Worcestershire sauce with your hands.  I’m sure the kiddos will have fun with this part!

Then they are divided and shaped into eight patties.  A slice of tomato goes in between two patties, and then the sides are sealed using your fingers – so those eight patties really become four.

Then they are cooked over the stove until cooked through, transferred to buns, and served with whatever topping you’d like!20180811_161025

Taste: 8/10

These were good, and the tomato in the middle was a really cool idea, but this wasn’t my favorite burger.  It wasn’t “soft” enough for me (for lack of a better word); usually I mix in some bread crumbs to make my burgers a bit juicier.

20180811_162040Difficulty: Average

This isn’t too challenging of a dish, even for kids, but it does involve cooking over the stove and ensuring the meat is cooked all the way through.  There’s a bit of shaping involved as well to create the burgers.

Cost: Average

You’ll need to purchase some ground beef, tomato, and buns, and possibly Worcestershire sauce and/or your toppings of choice.


These make pretty tiny burgers, so don’t buy the usual big buns for these like I did!


Tusken Raider Taters


For some reason when I first read the title for this, I assumed the recipe was for french fries or another bite-sized type of potatoes, but these are actually mashed potatoes.20180811_153945

The steps for this are simple, and they’re very specific about how small to cut up the potatoes and how to check if they’re done.  I followed their instructions exactly, and their boiling time was spot-on for the size they had the potatoes cut to.

Once the potatoes are boiled, they’re drained over the sink and then mashed.  I didn’t have a potato masher, so I used a fork and it worked just as well.

After that, they’re combined with salt, pepper, milk, and butter, and then they’re good to go!

Taste: 10/10

These were very light and fluffy!  I added a lot of salt, and they were just perfect!

Difficulty: Easy

With kids, you’ll of course want to be careful around the stove and handling the hot potatoes, but this is a very simple recipe.

Cost: Cheap

Aside from potatoes, the only other things you might need to purchase are milk and butter.

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