The Star Wars Cookbook: Oola-la French Toast

A review of Oola-la French Toast from The Star Wars Cookbook

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Oola-la French Toast

oola-main-image_5c15a693Sadly, Oola did not survive the Star Wars universe for very long.  But her french toast will live on!

Ok, I’ll admit that was a bad joke.  Poor Oola didn’t deserve it.

In my experience with this recipe, you will only be able to make 2 pieces of french toast, and not the three that they say you can.  There was just not enough liquid for me to make that third slice, so I doubled the recipe and made 4 slices instead.

First, the egg, milk, sugar, vanilla, and cinnamon (or cloves) are beaten together until well-blended.  It’s poured into a shallow dish, and the bread is placed in to absorb some of the liquid.  Then the bread is flipped to coat both sides.  Repeat with all slices.

20180811_083420Now the stove is turned on and butter is heated until melted.  The bread slices are added, one at a time, and cooked on both sides until golden brown.

Put the french toast on a plate, sprinkle with confectioner’s sugar, and serve with butter and maple syrup!


Taste: 9/10

I think a different bread would have been better than the regular wheat slices I used, but this was still very good!

20180811_082440Difficulty: Average

This isn’t really too hard, but there is a chance of the soggy bread ripping as you move it from the egg mixture to the pan.  And, of course, it does involve cooking over the stove and monitoring the toast closely to make sure it doesn’t burn.

Cost: Cheap

You probably have most, if not all, of these ingredients already: eggs, milk, sugar, vanilla extract, cinnamon (or cloves), bread, and desired toppings.


In the past I’ve used a fresh white bread from the bakery section of the grocery store when making french toast, instead of the pre-sliced whole wheat sandwich bread that I used this time, and that tastes better.

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