Mad Men: The Palm’s Wedge Salad

A review of “The Palm’s Wedge Salad” from The Unofficial Mad Men Cookbook.

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The Palm’s Wedge Salad

mm-302-800x600The first time I tried a wedge salad was actually of February of this year, as part of our Valentine’s Day dinner.  It was very tasty, and pretty simple to make, so I was excited to try this one as well!

This salad appears in the 2nd episode of Season 3.  Trying to repair some relationship damage between Sterling Cooper and their client, Madison Square Garden, Roger and Don invite them out to lunch at a restaurant where Roger orders “iceberg wedges, blue cheese, bacon.”

The first thing to start with for this recipe is the dressing, as it needs to be prepared in advance.  Blue cheese is crumbled into a bowl and mixed with olive oil, and then it stands for about 40 minutes.

After it’s been sitting for the 40 minutes, add in the remaining salad ingredients: mayo & red wine vinegar.

For the salad itself, you’ll need to cook some bacon ahead of time as well and crumble it up.

The final assembly is quite simple!  Chop the iceberg lettuce into four wedges, top with crumbled bacon, decorate the plate with tomato, and add the dressing on the side.


Taste: 8/10

The blue cheese and bacon go together nicely in this salad, but the blue cheese was a bit too strong for my taste.  This can of course be curbed by just adding less dressing!

Difficulty: Easy20180907_175835

This is actually quite simple to make, and the only cooking required is preparing the bacon.  You’ll just need to mix ingredients for the dressing, and chop ingredients for the salad.

Cost: Average

You’ll need to purchase a head of iceberg lettuce, bacon, tomato, blue cheese, and possibly mayo, olive oil, and/or red wine vinegar.

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