Mad Men: Chicken Kiev

A review of Chicken Kiev from The Unofficial Mad Men Cookbook

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Chicken Kiev

Last time I attempted a Chicken Kiev it did not turn out all that great.  The chicken wasn’t pounded flat enough, so it took too long to fry and all of the butter slipped out when they unwrapped in the pot.Bethany

This time, however, I bought “thin cut” chicken breasts to avoid the same issue!

This particular recipe is from the first episode of Season 4.  Roger Sterling sets up Don Draper with Bethany Van Nuys, a friend of his second wife.  Roger picks the restaurant, stating, “They have Chicken Kiev.  The butter squirts everywhere.”  Both Don and Bethany order the Chicken Kiev on their date.

20180903_180052While my husband pounded the chicken breasts to the required 1/4 inch thickness, I cut up and shaped the butter into long rolls.  Then the breasts are seasoned with salt and pepper and the butter is placed in the center of each breast before the chicken is rolled and folded around it.

Next the breasts are coated in flour, then beaten egg, and finally bread crumbs before being placed in the fridge for an hour or two.

The last step is frying the chicken breasts in oil over the stove.  Make sure you use a thermometer to ensure the oil is hot enough before you put the breasts in.  It still took me a bit longer to cook the breasts all the way through than what the recipe claimed, but it turned out much better than my last attempt!


Taste: 8/10

This was pretty good all-in-all, but tasted a bit boring to me…mostly just like plain fried chicken.  Lemon would have been a nice addition to squeeze over top, or some additional herbs worked into the butter like they did in the Orange is the New Black Chicken Kiev recipe.20180903_192754

Difficulty: Challenging

It can be tricky to pound the chicken to the right thickness without ripping the breast as well (my husband was cursing), and it’s tough to get the chicken to stay together and keep the butter inside.  Frying is never a simple task either!

Cost: Cheap/Average

You will need to buy chicken breasts and probably some additional oil for frying, but you may or may not have the rest of the ingredients already: butter, salt, pepper, flour, and eggs.


Buy thin-sliced chicken breasts if you can to make it a bit easier when pounding the breasts to the right thickness.

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