Star Wars: Jedi Juice Pops

A review of Jedi Juice Pops from The Star Wars Cookbook.

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My month of October is pretty insane this year.  It’s insane most years, but this year doubly so because it’s my 30th birthday AND my 1 year anniversary AND my annual Halloween party.  Plus I have to fly to New York for work for a few days.

So, given all the craziness of this month, instead of starting a new cookbook I’m going to be making all of the remaining recipes from The Star Wars Cookbook, as well as recipes from the Halloween section of The Pioneer Woman Cooks: A Year of Holidays cookbook.

Jedi Juice Pops

20180916_135949These are SOOOO easy to make, and went over very well with my husband.

There’s an option of using either fresh or frozen strawberries, but I would recommend using fresh.  That way, if needed, you can cut the strawberry a bit to fit within the ice cube tray mold.

They also give you an option when it comes to fruit juice – orange, cranberry, apple, fruit punch, or lemonade.  I decided on lemonade, since I thought it would go the best with strawberries, and I know my husband loves lemonade.

First, put strawberries in each cup of the ice cube tray.  Then pour lemonade on top and freeze for a couple of hours.  Then add a toothpick or popsicle stick to each strawberry, and pop back in the freezer.20180916_135944

Taste: 8/10

These were good, especially the lemonade!  The toothpick was a bit awkward, though, and you’re pretty much forced to eat the strawberry last since it’s the toughest part to break into.

My husband gives these a full 10/10.

Difficulty: Easy

These are incredibly simple to make, and wouldn’t be difficult for kids at all.

Cost: Cheap

All you need are some strawberries and juice, and you’ll probably have leftovers of both for a snack later!

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