Star Wars: Crazy Cantina Chili

A review of Crazy Cantina Chili from The Star Wars Cookbook.

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Crazy Cantina Chili


Chili is almost always an easy recipe to make, so this is perfect for kids!

The first step is to prepare the ingredients – the cans of beans are drained and the onion is chopped.20180921_190437

Next, the onion is cooked in oil over the stove.

Then add the seasonings, canned beans, canned crushed tomatoes, and tomato juice.  Now the whole thing simmers for about 15 minutes.

Scoop into bowls, top with sour cream and cheese, and enjoy!


Taste: 8/10

I thought this chili was a little bit too runny, and the garbanzo beans were a strange addition to chili…but then again it is called “Crazy” Cantina Chili!

The cheese and sour cream toppings definitely improve this dish (like they improve almost EVERYTHING), and you can thicken up the chili by cooking it longer.  Most chili recipes require you to simmer the ingredients for at least an hour, typically longer.20180921_190648

Difficulty: Easy

This recipe is extremely easy.  Aside from chopping the onions, it’s mostly just throwing things into a pot and stirring occasionally.

Cost: Average

You’ll need to buy cans of three different types of beans, a can of crushed tomatoes, tomato juice, an onion, and possibly cheddar cheese and sour cream (or plain yogurt).  You may also need to purchase chili powder and/or cayenne pepper if you don’t already have them.


I would recommend cooking the chili for an hour or more instead of just the 15 minutes that the recipe calls for.  It will thicken the chili up more, making it less runny.

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