An Asylum-Themed Halloween Party!

Decoration and food ideas for an Asylum-themed Halloween party!

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I know this really isn’t about food at all, but I’m a HUGE fan of Halloween and every year my husband and I throw a themed Halloween party.  This year, the theme is “Asylum,” and I wanted to share some of our preparations!

Morgue Drawers20181013_201519

To set the mood for the party, decorations are super important.  The one I was most excited about making were morgue drawers!  I found instructions on how to make the doors here at Manning Makes Stuff and then modified slightly just for ease, as my time was limited.

20181013_202503For these drawers, I purchased 3 smaller pieces of white foam board (the size of the drawers), a small piece of black foam board (for name tags), masking tape, black spray paint, red and black acrylic paint, and a white grease pencil.  Everything was available at Michaels, though I did get some items on Amazon just because they were a bit cheaper.

I followed the instructions pretty closely, but didn’t add any cracks or limbs into the drawers like he did, and I didn’t make one of them look like it was partially open.  I put the names of a few guests onto the drawers for fun, and pointed a black light at them!

X-Ray Board

This one was quite easy to make.  All I needed was some black foam board and a printer!

20181013_201511I found some x-rays of broken bones online and printed them out.  This actually took me a bit longer than expected because some x-rays printed out more blue or green than black.  In the end, though, I found enough photos of a similar color to make this work.

Then I just taped them, using the masking tape from the morgue drawers, to the foam board.  And voila!  A black light would look great against this as well.


20181018_133747This was another easy decoration to prepare!  I purchased a bunch of pill bottles on Amazon and some address label stickers at Staples.  Avery address label stickers are easy to use; just go to their website, find that specific sticker you bought, and download a template for Microsoft Word (or whatever program you’re using).

20181018_180218I looked at a bunch of prescription labels online, and then designed my own within the Avery template.  I added in names of our guests, as well as some names of real serial killers who are considered to be “insane,” and then printed them out for the bottles.

Finally, I put single-color M&Ms, Pez candy, and/or Smarties (aka “Rockets” in Canada) into each of the pill containers to look like prescription medicine!


Normally I go pretty crazy with the food at our Halloween parties, but then I usually end up spending most of my time in the kitchen.  So this year I’m preparing a few key snacks and treats, but we’ll be ordering chicken wings for dinner from a local restaurant.

l_4ce53d60-e693-11e4-97f6-730356900024The snacks will be stuffed cockroaches (dates sliced in half and stuffed with cream cheese), bloody popcorn (popcorn drizzled with butter dyed with red food coloring), some body part gummy candy (eyeballs, feet, etc.), and “brain tissue sample cupcakes” (found here at Living Locurto).

If you use the stuffed cockroaches at your party, I highly recommend buying some fake plastic cockroaches as well and scattering them around the rest of the food.  It looks like they slipped off of one plate and took over the rest of the food!sterile-urine-specimen-collection-cup

As for drinks, I purchased some real urine sample cups and will be filling them with pineapple juice and rum!  I also found some IV bags on Amazon that are specifically for drinks, so those will be filled with either a dark red or clear liquids.

Finishing Touches

20181021_121120Target and the 99 Cent Store are my favorite places to go for cheap add-ons to any party.

At the 99 Cent Store I found some cheap skeleton animals, like a vulture, and some “bloody gauze” for the kitchen table.

20181022_191555At Target I found orange string lights for $4 each (100 lights per string), some black lights, and every year I pick up more black “creepy cloth” (basically gauze-like fabric) which can be used anywhere.  This year it’s covering an upside down bin being used as an end table, and a ceiling light that was too bright to dim it a bit.

I had a roll of brown butcher paper laying around, so I wrote “PLEASE HELP US” on it with my fingers using dark red paint.  I added some hand prints as well, and put it up on the wall.

ahs4We’ll also be playing some asylum-themed movies on our TV (Gothika, Shutter Island, and American Horror Story Asylum), and my husband has assembled a playlist full of songs using the words “crazy.”

So that’s our plan!  What are you doing for your Halloween?

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