A Year of Holidays: Popcorn Balls

A review of Popcorn Balls from “The Pioneer Woman Cooks: A Year of Holidays” cookbook

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Popcorn Balls

20181025_080158This is the fourth popcorn ball variation I’ve made this year, but my favorite so far!

First step – pop your popcorn!  Ree Drummond mixes it up a bit from your usual popcorn popping, though.  Right as the oil starts to sizzle, sugar is added to the pot for extra sweetness.

20181023_190814Once the popcorn is all popped, it’s laid out to cool.  I noticed that it already started sticking together at this point.

Next, butter is melted and marshmallows are added.  Once they melt, food color is added as well right before the popcorn.  Once the popcorn is coated with the marshmallow, candy corn and nuts are mixed in too.

Finally, grease your hands with cooking spray and form the popcorn into balls.  Don’t be afraid to really crunch the balls to make sure they stick and stay in ball-shape.

Once they’re cooled to room temperature, they’re ready to eat!


Taste: 10/10

These were great!  I was a bit hesitant about the candy corn, because I don’t love it, but it doesn’t really taste like candy corn when mixed up with the rest of these ingredients.  And the nuts were a GREAT addition!

Difficulty: Average20181025_080149

What makes this tricky is that you’ll need to move quickly, and it’s not easy to move quickly when coating the popcorn in melted marshmallow.  And the longer it takes you to coat the popcorn, the more difficult it will be to get it all to stick together later!

Cost: Average

You’ll need to purchase popcorn kernels if you don’t already have some, mini marshmallows, shelled unsalted peanuts, and candy corn.  You may also need to purchase sugar, butter, peanut oil, and food coloring if you don’t already have some.


Save your big pot for the melting of marshmallows.  This is the one that everything will be mixed together in, and you’ll be grateful for the extra space!

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