A Quick Trip to Toronto for a Bachelorette

I went to Toronto this weekend for a bachelorette where we dangled from top of the CN Tower, learned how to make donuts, and ate some amazing Italian food!

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20181110_122552This is not really a food post, though I am going to talk about a bakery and restaurant in Toronto.

A close friend of mine from high school is getting married on New Year’s Eve, and this weekend I flew to Toronto to celebrate her bachelorette.  The activities she wanted to do were so unique, and nothing like any bachelorette I’ve done before!  So of course I had to share 🙂

We starting off by pumping our bodies full of adrenaline…

CN Tower’s EdgeWalk

The very first activity of the day, was to dangle ourselves off the top of the CN Tower!

The CN Tower’s Edgewalk has the Guinness World Record for the highest external walk on a building, and the building itself is the world’s tallest freestanding tower.  At a whopping 356 meters, or 116 stories, we strapped into our harnesses and stepped out onto the ledge.

My first thought? “Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, oh my god…”

My second thought? “This is freaking amazing.”

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe wind was blowing heavily, and light snow flakes were starting to fall; the first snow of the year.  At the top, where we were, the temperature was -1C, and even with the multiple layers of clothing they put us in, wind whipped against our faces and it was really, really cold.

But the views are absolutely spectacular, and like nothing I’ve ever experienced before.  In the very far distance I could see the tops of buildings in Niagara Falls, and as we walked around the tower’s perimeter nearly every major sight in Toronto can be viewed.  The Ripley’s Aquarium even designed sharks on its rooftop especially for visitors to the CN Tower!

The first task they have you do is walk up to the very edge, and stick your toes over the side.  I was up first.  I took a few steps closer to the edge, and then put one set of toes over.  I took a deep breath, and put my other foot in place.  I did it.  And then I immediately stepped back into place for fear of falling over!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The second task was to walk backward up to the edge in a crouched position, put the center of your foot right along the edge, and then dig in your heels to stand up straight.

I was hanging off the side!  I looked down and immediately looked back up.  “Don’t look down,” I warned the bride as she dug in her heels to stand up.  There was no way she had planned to look down anyway.

And the final task: to do this face-first.  This was by far the scariest of the three activities, but was the most thrilling.  Leaning out over the edge you could see it all.  Part of me never wanted to leave, and the other part wanted to pee my pants.

Then we stepped away from the edge, and were herded back into the building to allow the next group the chance to do the same.

Le Dolci Bakery

Now that our adrenaline was running high, we headed over to Le Dolci for a baking class, where we learned to make donuts!

20181110_181436.jpgThe dough was already ready for us to save on time, but they did show us how to make it as well.  We rolled out our dough on a floured surface and used fun cookie-cutters to cut shapes into it.  Then in it goes to the oven.

Once the dough had doubled in size, they were carefully placed into fryers filled with vegetable shortening until browned on both sides.  Apparently any oil can be used, but they used vegetable shortening because it doesn’t add any extra unwanted flavors to the dough.

And now the fun part: decorating!20181110_184030

For a cinnamon sugar coating, the donuts had to be tossed in the cinnamon sugar as soon as they came out of the hot oil.  But the rest were dipped in various icing toppings (chocolate ganache, royal icing, and salted caramel) and then either dipped or sprinkled with oreo crumbs, popcorn, sprinkles, etc.

They all turned out fantastically!  Sure, some may have browned a bit more than we wanted or deflated during the decorating stage, but for the most part everyone had beautiful donuts that could have been sold in any bakery.

At the end they emailed us the recipe for the donuts and icings, and we all left with a snack for later that night!

Noce Restaurant

20170404-2048-Noce8.jpg-resize-_opacity_100-frame_bg_color_FFF-h_2500-gravity_center-q_70-preserve_ratio_true-w_1400_Located at 875 Queen Street West, this little restaurant is a hidden gem!  It looks really small from the outside, but is actually a lot larger than you think once you get inside.

The food is authentically Italian and absolutely delicious, but if you’re a picky eater check out the menu first before you go.  They served things like octopus and pizza with braised rabbit.

Even the drinks are authentic!  I tried the “King Kong” cocktail, and it had that bitter-sweet taste that is common in Italy; or at least in Northern Italy, where I’ve visited in the past.  And if you want a regular drink that you’re familiar with, their bar is fully loaded!

The owner and staff are also very accommodating and friendly.  The Maid of Honor had forgotten to bring sparklers for the dessert she ordered for the bride, so the owner went out to the nearest dollar store to pick some up personally.  Talk about great service!

Ice Condo

20181110_111619At the end of the night, we went back to our Airbnb in Toronto’s Ice Condos.  They’re about a 10-minute walk from the CN Tower and the rest of downtown, with spectacular views.

The only downside: no curtains.  You get up bright and early with the sun.

We drank wine, munched on our donuts, and played some games that I had prepared ahead of time.  We even had henna!

All in all it was a great day in Toronto!  And I definitely recommend the EdgeWalk to anyone who has the stomach for it!

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