An Unexpected Cookbook: Ginger Oat Bread

A review of Ginger Oat Bread from “An Unexpected Cookbook: The Unofficial Book of Hobbit Cookery”

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Ginger Oat Bread

I was expecting an actual bread when I started this, and it was more of a spice cake.  A delicious spice cake, for sure!  But not what I thought I was about to make.

To start, oats are soaked in milk.  While they soak, butter, sugar and molasses are blended together in one bowl with eggs, and in another bowl the flour, baking powder, and spices are combined.  Then everything is mixed together and poured into a baking dish.

It is supposed to cook for 30-35 minutes, but mine needed more like 45 minutes before it was cooked through.  It was worth the wait!


Taste: 10/10

This was so amazingly delicious!  Moist and crumbly at the same time.  Even though it seemed like a mountain of spices were added, the flavor is not overwhelming at all.

I recommend eating this while it’s still warm!

Difficulty: Average20181219_210000

Lots of measuring and mixing involved here, and some elbow grease when it comes to combining everything.  The mixture gets quite thick and can wear on you by the end.

Cost: Cheap

There are quite a few ingredients, but most will already be in your cupboard.  The items you may need to buy are rolled oatmeal and molasses.  Other ingredients include milk, butter, sugar, eggs, flour, baking powder, ginger, salt, cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg, and cloves.

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