An Unexpected Cookbook: Rustic Apple Tart

A review of Rustic Apple Tart from “An Unexpected Cookbook: The Unofficial Book of Hobbit Cookery.”

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Rustic Apple Tart

Though this recipe is listed under “supper,” it’s really more of a dessert.

The crust recipe used is the “sweet pastry crust” listed earlier in the cookbook.  Apparently it’s a sturdier crust usually used for hand pies, and it won’t flake if you’re carrying it around with you.  It’s pretty simple to assemble, and mostly just involves combining everything until it’s the right texture.

After rolling out the dough, there’s an option of either laying the dough flat on the baking sheet or using a springform pan to prop up the sides.  I opted to use the springform pan, and I’m glad I did!  I ended up with too much filling in the end, and folding over the sides would have been impossible.20190111_165230

Once the dough was in place, “quince” jelly was smeared all over the bottom of the crust.  I couldn’t find that (and honestly have no idea what “quince” is), but the recipe said fig or black cherry jam was fine as well, so I used black cherry.

Then sugar, several spices, and lemon zest are combined and tossed over sliced apples, followed by some thinned-out molasses.  These are arranged in the crust, and then chunks of butter are added over the apples.

At this point I’m supposed to fold the crust over to keep the insides from escaping, and then brush the crust with an egg wash.  I didn’t have enough crust left to fold over since there were so many apple slices, and since I couldn’t fold the crust over and it was in a springform pan, there was no visible crust to brush with egg.  I just skipped this step.20190111_181404

I cooked the tart about 5 minutes longer than the recipe said, but the crust never really turned the golden brown they said it would.  But then again, I didn’t brush that crust with egg so maybe that’s why.

Taste: 8/10

This was tasty, but a little bland in my opinion.  The lemon zest was a nice addition, though.

My husband, however, yelled, “Ten out of ten!  Make it again please!”20190112_083138

Difficulty: Average

For a pie, this actually isn’t so tough to make.  The crust was pretty simple as far as pie crusts go, and it rolled out nicely for the most part.  The filling was also pretty straightforward.

If you don’t use the springform pan, I could foresee difficulty with keeping the pie filling from spilling out.

Cost: Average

The crust ingredients are probably already in your pantry, and the rest is apples, a lemon, spices, molasses, and the jelly.

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