A Year of Holidays: Candy-Dipped S’mores

A review of “Candy-Dipped S’mores” from the Valentine’s Day section of “The Pioneer Woman Cooks: A Year of Holidays” cookbook

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Candy-Dipped S’mores

20190203_110215This recipe comes from the “Treats for Your Sweetie” section of Ree Drummond’s holiday cookbook.  Since Valentine’s is less than a week away, today seemed like a good time to start on some of these treats!

I actually can’t write out all of the steps of this one without completely giving away the recipe, but just know that it involves graham crackers, nutella, roasted marshmallows, and melting candies.

The melting candies were the trickiest part to work with, since it hardens pretty quickly.  The recipe suggests melting the candies right away, but I would wait until right before you need them.  I started with the white candy, and it came out pretty chunky.  I had to re-heat all of them again to get the right consistency.


Taste: 8/10

I was going back and forth between 8/10 and 9/10, but these are just too sweet for me.  Don’t get me wrong, though, they’re SUPER tasty!  I think Nutella was the best addition!

Difficulty: Average20190203_110225

This is not a terribly difficult recipe to follow, but roasting marshmallows over the stove and working with melting candies keeps this from being “easy.”

Cost: Average

You’ll need to purchase graham crackers, marshmallows, nutella, melting candies, and possibly sprinkles.


Don’t heat up the melting candies until the s’mores themselves are completed and ready to be dipped.

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