Orange is the New Black: Alex’s Down and Dirty Margarita

A review of Alex’s Down and Dirty Margarita from the Orange is the New Black Cookbook.

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Alex’s Down and Dirty Margarita

My husband and I celebrating our survival of the first half of the week with some margaritas tonight!


This drink is what Piper orders at the bar when she first meets Alex.  Alex comments, “It’s a little cold out for a margarita, don’t you think?” before pointing out that Piper’s resume, which she’s using to try and get a job at the bar, is obviously fake.

To start, the glass was rimmed with salt by rubbing a lime over the edge and then dipping it in salt.  If adding an olive, like my husband requested, it goes in at this point.

Next, the liquid ingredients are thrown into a cocktail shaker full of ice (or a glass jar in my case), shaken until frothy, and strained into a glass.


Taste: 10/10

This was delicious!  Tequila is fast becoming one of my favorite alcohols, and this was a tasty yet easy way to use it!20190222_170609

Difficulty: Easy

This recipe is pretty much just mixing ingredients together and pouring into a glass.

Cost: Average

Of course the tequila, and cointreau if you’re using it (orange juice is the other option) will cost you money.  Other ingredients include an olive/olive juice, lime, and salt.

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