Desperate Housewives: Toasted Angel Food Cake w/ Strawberries

A review of “Toasted Angel Food Cake with Spiced Strawberries” from the Desperate Housewives Cookbook.

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Toasted Angel Food Cake with Spiced Strawberries

I was expecting to make a cake with this recipe, but it’s actually a lot simpler than that.  It uses pre-made angel cake, so I just went to the store and bought some.

The strawberries are washed and cut in quarters, and then combined with sugar, lemon juice, ginger, and pepper.  Then they sit out for a couple of hours.

The cake is broiled in the oven so it’s nice and toasted on both sides, and then topped with the strawberries to finish!

Taste: 9/1020190309_191731

This was delicious!  My husband gives it a 10/10, but it’s not quite there for me.  Maybe if I used homemade angel cake instead that would push it up to a full 10.

Difficulty: Easy

This was very simple, and quick to make!  Just combine ingredients for the strawberries, and broil the cake.

Cost: Cheap

As far as desserts go, this one does not cost much.  You’ll likely just need to pick up the strawberries and angel food cake, but other ingredients include lemon juice, ground ginger, sugar, and black pepper.

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