Cookbook Review – The Desperate Housewives Cookbook

A final review of “The Desperate Housewives Cookbook”

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512a5KZiiLL._SX371_BO1,204,203,200_I really like this cookbook, which is weird because I don’t normally like cookbooks with a TON of recipes like this one does.  I usually find them overwhelming, and I start doubting whether all the recipes are actually good.

This one, however, was assembled in such a way that I’m totally forgiving of it.  I love that they separate out each section by character, each with their own distinct style of cooking…just like the show!  After all, in the pilot episode Mary-Alice introduces each of them by identifying the type of food they brought to her funeral:

tumblr_nsspkdQ2EX1u9qnxmo1_400Lynette Scavo brought fried chicken.  Lynette had a great family recipe for fried chicken.  Of course, she didn’t cook much while she was moving up the corporate ladder.  She didn’t have time…(After children), Lynette’s life had become so hectic that she was now forced to get her friend chicken from a fast-food restaurant.bdafdc57a56528d1bea6acf4df5812cc

Gabrielle Solis, who lives down the block, brought a spicy paella.  Since her modeling days in New York, Gabrielle had developed a taste for rich food, and rich men…Gabrielle liked her paella piping hot.  However, her relationship with her husband was considerably cooler.1476450287_fc3f2bb89f

Bree Van de Kamp, who lives next door, brought baskets of muffins she baked from scratch.  Bree was known for her cooking.  And for sewing her own clothing.  And for doing her own gardening.  And for reupholstering her own furniture.1-01-Pilot-susan-mayer-4339154-896-506

Susan Mayer, who lives across the street, brought macaroni and cheese.  Her husband Karl always teased her about her macaroni, saying it was the only thing she knew how to cook, and she rarely made it well.


20190324_185017The instructions for this cookbook are easy to follow.  They go into extra, unnecessary detail in some of the recipes, so in my opinion it’s a good cookbook to use even if you’re completely new to cooking.  Costs were more or less average overall.

Some of the recipes are taken straight from the show, like margaritas and mac & cheese, while the “new” recipes are dishes that would very likely be cooked by the characters.

All in all I’m saving 1/4 of the recipes tried so far:20190331_115609

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