Orange is the New Black: Maritza’s Mexican Election Pizza

A review of Maritza’s Mexican Election Pizza from the Orange is the New Black Cookbook

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Maritza’s Mexican Election Pizza

66414d9a139d5bea583c5ed0784fb1d6This pizza comes from Maritza’s campaign while running for the prison’s Women’s Advisory Council, to represent the Hispanic group.  “If you want more pizza, vote for Maritza!” She argues that people will vote for her because, “I like pizza.  Everyone likes pizza.  It’s American and shit.

My husband was a little worried when I told him there wouldn’t be any tomato sauce on this pizza, but not to worry – it’s DELICIOUS!!!

The first step is to prepare/make your toppings.  I chopped up the onion, shredded the cheese, and cooked the beef with onion, garlic, and oregano.

Now we’re ready to make a pizza!

The pizza dough is rolled out and topped with the following: refried beans, the beef/onion mixture, salsa, and cheese.  Then into the oven it goes!20190405_190257

While it was cooking I opened up a an of chopped green chiles and sliced up the scallion.  I accidentally bought “Fire-Roasted” green chiles, which may have changed the flavor slightly, but it was still delicious.

When the pizza is done, it’s topped with the green chiles and and scallion before cutting up and serving!


Taste: 10/10

We’re definitely keeping this recipe!  It was SUPER tasty!!!  My husband described it as “taco meets pizza.”20190405_191843

Difficulty: Easy

All-in-all, this is a pretty simple recipe (as most pizza recipes are if you’re using a pre-made pizza shell).  The only added challenge to this pizza vs. most others is cooking the ground beef, which is really not complicated at all.  Other than that, just expect to open up cans and smear things onto the pizza dough.

Cost: Average

You will need a pizza shell, ground beef, red onion, garlic, dried oregano, salt, refried beans, salsa, cheese, scallion, and canned chopped green chiles.


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