Bob’s Burgers: Bruschetta Bout It Burger

A review of the Bruschetta Bout It Burger from the Bob’s Burgers Burger Book.

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Bruschetta Bout It Burger

beefsquatchThis burger is actually seen in Season 2 Episode 9, on the show “Get On Up” within Bob’s Burgers.  It’s not a Burger of the Day, like most of the recipes in this book.  But it’s absolutely delicious!

First the bruschetta is made by combining tomatoes, garlic, basil, olive oil, and balsamic vinegar.

Then the burgers are shaped and cooked, and topped with a thick slice of fresh mozzarella when they’re almost done.

20190527_160305While the burgers cooked, I sliced up some French bread to be used as the bun.

Once the burger was ready, it’s layered like this: French bread slice, burger with cheese, bruschetta, and then top with another slice of French bread.

Taste: 10/10

OMG so good.  I will definitely make this again!

Difficulty: Average20190527_162759

The bruschetta is just chopping, measuring and mixing things together, so it’s really not too difficult.  There aren’t any instructions on making the burgers, though – it just says to shape the ground beef into a patty and cook it.

Cost: Average

You’ll need Roma tomatoes, garlic, basil, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, ground beef, fresh mozzarella, and French bread.


Don’t skimp out and get the usual processed mozzarella for this; it just won’t taste the same – it should be a fresh ball of mozzarella.

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