Desperate Housewives: Asian-y Turkey Burgers

A review of “Asian-y Turkey Burgers” from The Desperate Housewives Cookbook.

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Asian-y Turkey Burgers

This one is a Susan Mayer recipe!  And what do I love about it, like I love with most Susan recipes (at least so far)?  It’s fast and it’s easy.

All of the ingredients are mixed together in a bowl, shaped into four 1-inch thick patties, and left to chill 1 hour (or more) before you cook them.

They even provide info on cooking both over the stove, and on the grill!  Although the instructions for the grill are lacking a little bit.

I did have to cook them a little longer than the recommended 12 minutes, but it wasn’t too much longer and they turned out great!


The only thing I wish they included was a reminder in the ingredients list to get buns and toppings, something I didn’t think of in my rush to get out of the grocery store, but the recipe is just for the patty.  I ended up using slices of bread instead of running back out for buns.

Taste: 9/1020190729_194938

Loved these!  I was going back and forth between 9/10 and 10/10, but ultimately decided they’re not quite perfection.  Pretty darn close, though!

Difficulty: Easy

Just mix everything together, shape into patties, and cook!

Cost: Cheap

You’ll need ground turkey, soy sauce, scallions, and pepper.  And of course a little oil for the grill / pan.

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