Desperate Housewives: Easy or Easier Coleslaw

A review of “Easy or Easier Coleslaw” from the Desperate Housewives Cookbook

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Easy or Easier Coleslaw

I don’t love coleslaw, but I don’t mind it either.  So I’m going into this one a little half-hearted to begin with.  This is a Susan Mayer recipe.20190809_162907

It is quite an easy recipe – chop cabbage and grate carrot (or throw into a food processor) for the “easy” recipe, or use a prepackaged coleslaw mix for the “easier” recipe.  I opted to try to “easy” recipe and chopped by cabbage / grated my carrot by hand to avoid the processor clean-up.

The dressing is simply a mix of mayo, white vinegar, sugar, salt, and celery seed.

It is all tossed into a ziploc bag (I used two, and split the mix evenly between them), massaged together, and then left in the fridge for several hours with occasional mixing in between.


Taste: 4/10

I’m surprised this made it into a cookbook.  It’s not good.  It tasted like cabbage and mayonnaise.  Blech!20190809_163739

Difficulty: Easy

The title doesn’t lie!

Cost: Cheap

You’ll just need cabbage and carrot (or a package of coleslaw mix), mayonnaise, white vinegar, sugar, salt, and celery seed.

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