Orange is the New Black: Traditional Pina Colada

A review of the Traditional Pina Colada recipe from the Orange is the New Black Cookbook.

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Traditional Pina Colada

This recipe is found on the same page as “Gloria’s Rico Colada” within the OITNB cookbook, at the bottom of the page.

It’s actually quite simple – just a combination of pineapple juice, rum, sweetened cream of coconut, and ice.  Toss it all in a blender, pour, and enjoy!

The recipe gives you the option of white rum, dark rum, or coconut rum.  If I had coconut rum I would’ve used that, but I opted for white rum instead since it’s what I had on hand.  I had dark rum on my shelf too, but it seemed wrong for a pina colada.


Taste: 9/10

Good, but not the best pina colada I’ve ever had.  It was also far too liquidy, but that can be remedied by adding more ice.20190928_161135

Difficulty: Easy

Just throw it all into a blender, blend, and pour!

Cost: Average

The big cost here is rum of course, but you’ll also need pineapple juice and cream of coconut, which isn’t cheap.

A Note on Cream of Coconut:

Cream of coconut and coconut cream are not the same thing, so don’t get confused (like I did)!  Cream of coconut typically includes coconut cream as one of the ingredients, but it’s sweetened while regular coconut cream is not.

I had some trouble finding cream of coconut, but ended up finally locating it in the “bitters” section of our grocery store next to the alcohol.

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