Desperate Housewives: Strawberry Smoothie

A review of Mrs. Huber’s Strawberry Smoothie from the Desperate Housewives Cookbook.

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Mrs. Huber’s Strawberry Smoothie

BlenderThis is SUCH an easy recipe, and was extremely delicious.  You may remember Mrs. Huber making the most of a bad situation in the very first episode of Desperate Housewives: after using the return of Mary Alice’s blender as an excuse to check on her, and then finding Mary Alice dead in her home, Mrs. Huber rips the “Property of Mary Alice” sticker off of the blender and puts it right back in her own pantry.

Just mix frozen strawberries, orange juice, and vanilla yogurt (or plain) – and viola!  That’s it!

They also suggest adding artificial sweetener, but this really doesn’t need it.

Taste: 10/1020191109_092147

Delicious!  Maybe a little too thick, but I’m sure that can be fixed by adding more liquid or defrosting the strawberries a bit first.  My husband also suggested protein powder as a nice addition.

Difficulty: Easy

Very easy, and not very messy either.  Just toss frozen strawberries, orange juice, and yogurt into the blender and mix!

Cost: Cheap

You just need frozen strawberries, orange juice, and yogurt.

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