Desperate Housewives: Double Whammy Chocolate Pudding

A review of Double Whammy Chocolate Pudding from the Desperate Housewives Cookbook.

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Double Whammy Chocolate Pudding

profile-mag-max-1280x722Another recipe from the wonderfully whacky Felicia on Desperate Housewives.  I don’t recall Felicia ever making pudding on the show (though maybe I forgot, it has definitely been a while), but the title could be referring to a few things…the double digits that are chopped off?  The “wham” of the hockey stick that sent her tumbling down the stairs?  The several attempts she made on Paul’s life?

The first step is to mix some of the milk with cornstarch until it’s dissolved (it won’t stay dissolved, so don’t worry too much – you’ll stir it again).

Then the remaining milk, sugar, and cocoa powder are mixed together and heated over the stove on medium-low until the sugar and cocoa are dissolved, and then the cornstarch milk is stirred and added to the pot.  Once the mixture comes to a simmer, it cooks for 1 minute before being removed from the heat.

Eggs and vanilla are beat together well, and then some milk mixture is added while beating constantly to make sure the hot milk doesn’t cook the eggs.  The whole thing is then poured into the pot and returned to the stove for another minute.

At this point, the chopped semisweet chocolate is stirred in until melted (I used chocolate chips), and then the pudding is divided up between bowls.

To prevent a skin for forming on the top of the pudding, plastic wrap is pressed into the pudding surface before it’s cooled completely in the fridge.


Taste: 9/10

This was delicious, and very chocolatey!  The chocolate pudding from the Walking Dead is still my favorite, but this came really close!

Difficulty: Average

Though pudding seems tricky, as long as you have the stove set to the right heat and are patient as you wait for the pudding to thicken, it’s actually not as difficult as it seems!

Cost: Cheap

You will need milk, cornstarch, sugar, cocoa powder, eggs, vanilla extract, and semisweet or bittersweet chocolate.

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