A Year of Holidays: Spreads

A review of Spreads from the “Christmas Delights and Deliveries” section of The Pioneer Woman Cooks: A Year of Holidays cookbook.

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Christmas Delights and Deliveries: Spreads

This is actually the FIRST of the Pioneer Woman’s Christmas recipes I’ve tried making… and we’re 100% keeping it.  OMG!!!  Not only is it very easy, but SOOOOOO tasty!20191213_154411

I started by making the cookie base, which was really simple.  Butter and brown sugar are beaten together, and then all the other ingredients are added in until it’s combined.  The mixture is then flattened into a rough rectangular shape (she suggests using a knife but I just used my clean hands), and baked until light golden brown.

At this point, chocolate chips are scattered on top, it’s returned to the oven for about a minute, and then the chocolate chips are spread over the top.

Once it’s cool, cut into bars and enjoy!


Side note: We did not wait until they were completely cool, and they were still delicious just a little messy.

Taste: 10/10

A soft and tasty cookie with melted chocolate on top…hard to go wrong here!

Difficulty: Easy

This is a pretty easy cookie.  Just mix all the ingredients together, flatten into a rectangle, bake, and spread on chocolate chips.

Cost: Cheap

You will need butter, brown sugar, egg, vanilla extract, flour, salt, and chocolate chips.

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